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The Rhine-Main region offers excellent prospects for talented young professionals and founders. The International Career Service Rhein-Main (ICS RM) would like to support you in seizing these opportunities and launching your dream career. start your dream career. To this end, GU, FRA-UAS, h_da, HSRM, TUDa and JGU cooperate as your interface to the regional job market and start-up ecosystem . Our offer is specially tailored to students with an international or intercultural background.

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You can expect free offers on the following topics:

Career entry

Information and practical tips for starting your career in Germany


Empowerment and independence in your professional life


Knowledge and skills in the field of entrepreneurship and start-ups

The future of work

Knowledge and skills for the changing world of work in Germany


Mentoring and events to build strategic networks

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Matching Week (In the winter semester)

Matching Week is an online career week specially tailored to students and graduates from the Rhine-Main region with an international or intercultural background. international or intercultural background. The career week offers you a platform where employers and potential applicants can exchange ideas 1:1 in digital video calls. A selection process is carried out in advance by by the employers based on the applications received.