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Consulting services 

Individual counseling: Overcoming obstacles, recognizing strengths, activating resources and defining goals - Strategic career planning.

What actually comes after graduation? What prospects and opportunities do I have? How do I get to my goal? How do I find an internship or a job?

The job market of the 21st century is complex, diverse and unspecific. Therefore, a clear career goal, initial practical experience, contacts in the working world and a convincing appearance in the application process are crucial.

Through dialogue with us, you get the opportunity to organize your thoughts, adopt new perspectives and develop strategies for your professional future. We listen and ask questions. In this way we help you to find personal answers to your questions and thus help you to find your own professional path. 

Whether at the beginning, in the middle or after completion of your studies 

  • together we work out your interests, competences and experiences and bring them together to your personal profile
  • and look at the job market to see which job or industry fits your profile.
  • Once you have a professional goal in mind, we will help you step by step through your first professional experiences (internships, as a working student, trainee positions) as well as through
  • contacts in the working world to find a career start.

Our counseling services are reserved for students and graduates (up to 12 months after graduation) of the following Rhine-Main universities: Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and Darmstadt University of Technology.

The counseling serviceis free of charge and confidential! Simply make an appointment with one of our counselors for a suitable consultation and we look forward to talking to you and supporting you in your search for a suitable job or professional orientation. The counselors serve different topics. Please make sure that you choose the counselor who fits your needs.

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