Lucht Probst Associates GmbH / LPA

Sector / areas of business

Financial Markets, Capital Markets, Consulting

(btw we also have a line of business for software)

Locations national / international

Consulting hubs in Frankfurt, Zurich, London, and New York

Number of employees in Germany / worldwide

ca. 300 employees in Germany

ca. 400 employees worldwide

Suitable subject(s) of study / course specialisation

Finance, Business, Economics, Data Science, Math, Business Informatics

Desired (additional) qualifications

Banking, Financial Markets, Capital Markets, Project Management, ESG, DLT

We are looking for / offer students

Internships, Working students, Master thesis supervision

We are looking for / offer graduates

We are looking for graduates or young professionals and offer various interesting consultant positions to kick off your career in a highly dynamic and international working environment!

Desired languages and preferred languages level / skills

German: required

English: required

New employees planned for 2023



Große Gallusstraße 9
60311 Frankfurt

Contact person

Katharina Weber
HR Managerin

Contact details

Phone: +49 69 97 14 850

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