PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Sector / areas of business

Advisory, Assurance, Tax & Legal

Locations national / international

21 locations in Germany, international locations in 156 countries worldwide

Number of employees in Germany / worldwide

Over 12,000 employees in Germany, Over 295,000 employees worldwide

Suitable subject(s) of study / course specialisation

Business related subjects/courses in areas of accounting, tax, financial services, management, or MINT

Desired (additional) qualifications

Studying in the business-related areas, preferably working experience

We are looking for / offer students

Internships, working student jobs

We are looking for / offer graduates

Internships, trainee programs, full time positions

Desired languages and preferred languages level / skills

Mandatory: Advanced German, Preferably: English

New employees planned for 2023

Approximately 1,500


Moskauer Straße 19
40227 Düsseldorf

Contact person

Chantal Haan

Contact details

Career website

Instagram channel