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Short study times, international training courses and practical relevance in research and teaching - these are the hallmarks of Mainz University of Applied Sciences, where 5700 students are currently enrolled. Common to all fields of study is the application-oriented education and research of the university, which maintains excellent contacts with the regional economy and public institutions. The close cooperation with the practical world and the constant innovative adaptation of the course content to the requirements of the labor market, Mainz University of Applied Sciences offers an attractive, future-oriented education with good career prospects.

The range of courses offered is broad and is divided into the three departments of design, technology and business, with interdisciplinary cooperation playing a significant role. The good relations between students and university teachers are fostered by intensive supervision, small teaching units and many joint projects. In addition, Mainz University of Applied Sciences was one of the first in Germany to be certified as a "family-friendly university. has been certified.

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Study Internationally

Those who choose to study at Mainz University of Applied Sciences always study internationally. The university cooperates with around 100 partner universities on all continents and offers international degree programs with double degrees. offered.

In applied research and development, Mainz University of Applied Sciences performs internationally recognized top work in many areas. Research foci are: "Spatial Information and Measurement Technology," "Digital Media, Design and Humanities" and "Digitization and Transformation of Organizations in Business and Society".

Mainz University of Applied Sciences sees itself as an open thinking, learning and cultural space where people come together who want to actively participate in shaping a future worth living for all.