International Career Service Rhine Main

Pooling resources and creating synergies

The needs and requirements of migrant students [1] are largely congruent across the universities with regard to career entry. In order to pool resources and utilize synergies, we, the Rhine-Main universities, - Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and Darmstadt University of Technology - have joined forces to offer career orientation and career entry programs for migrant students in a modular structure. for migrant students in a modular structure at International Career Service Rhein-Main (ICS RM) and to offer them jointly to students at all partner universities.

As part of a grant from the European Social Fund, we aim to develop target group-specific services and establish them as a long-term platform in the region. By working together, we can realize a significantly greater diversity of services for migrant students so that they can take advantage of a wide range of tailored and needs-based offers. We provide a wide range of services, including Job application advice, workshops for starting a career, in-depth insights into corporate cultures, start-ups and social entrepreneurship

The universities from Mainz are partners of Matching Week and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz is also an associated partner of the ICS RM. of the ICS RM. 

[1 ] Immigrants are defined as students who were born abroad and immigrated to Germany and/or students who have at least one parent who was born abroad and immigrated to Germany. immigrated to Germany.

What drives us

Building bridges for career entry!

The goal of supporting international students with a migration background in their transition to a career is what drives us in the joint project International Career Service Rhein-Main.

who we are

A door opener for all international students with a migration background at the six universities in the Rhine-Main region.  

Strategic Advisory Board

Representatives from business, public administration and the social sector support the development of a bridging function between universities and business or the labor market.

partner and round table

Numerous partners support us in our projects for international students with a migration background. 


If you have any questions or if we have aroused your interest in working with us, we look forward to hearing from you.