Offers from universities, business, administration and associations

The operationally oriented round table develops solutions to improve the transition of migrant graduates into working life. In addition to representatives of the university The Round Table includes representatives from university career services as well as representatives from associations and organizations in the job market and the start-up ecosystem.

The technical support is provided by the Institute for Economy, Work and Culture (IWAK).

Aims to support migrant students in their professional development in order to promote their successful entry into the world of work: The association International Career Service Rhein-Main, whose round table met for the first time on March 19. The round table met for the first time on March 19 at Goethe University (Photo: A. Hoehne).

Press release on the occasion of the constituent meeting of the Round Table on March 29, 2024. 

An overview of the members of the Round Table follows.